The Present Simple Exercise Answers (Eng)


Answers to ‘The Present Simple Exercise’ (English)


1. I usually begin my holiday at the beach in February.

2. It is a great holiday so far.

3. I travel around New Zealand when I get time off work.

4. In the evenings we usually go to a pub for dinner.

5. Every Friday the boys take  English lessons.

6. We are very happy that the weather is  so good.

7. It does not often rain in the desert.

8. We see some beautiful scenery when we drive down to the South Island of NZ.

9. Where do you spend your holidays?

10. You do not (don’t) go to Australia very often do you?

11. Do you enjoy  playing squash?

12.I eat lots of fresh seafood when I go to Tonga.

13. Do you  usually travel with friends when you go overseas?

14. The bus leaves at 10.25 am.

15. The worst thing about the holiday is that it goes too fast!

16. The boy eats vegetables every day.

17. The boy should not  eat lollies every day.