Test your Māori language skills with these Quizzes!





I will be adding more quizzes here to match up with some of my te reo Māori language lessons.  These are quite time consuming to make so please bear with me, some will be quite basic and others a bit more advanced 🙂  Some will be free to access and others will be password protected*.


Ngā Mihi – Greetings Quiz

If you need to brush up on your greetings in te reo Māori before you take the quiz I hope that this lesson will help Lesson on Ngā Mihi / Greetings in Te Reo Māori


T-Class Possessives & A and O Categories Quiz (tāku, tōku, taku etc)

If you want to remind yourself about the A and o categories and get some flashcard practice in try this lesson.

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