Te Reo Māori – Words To Do With Time Periods – Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday

Would you like some practice using words to do with time periods in Te Reo Māori, like today, yesterday, tomorrow?

Well I hope that these flashcards will help you to learn and practice these very useful words.

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As the flash card program won’t recognize macrons, where a vowel should be stressed I’ve doubled the vowel to help with pronunciation.  But remember not to change the sound of the vowel, just hold on to the syllable that it appears in for a bit longer.

  • today
    i teenei raa
  • tonight
    i teenei poo
  • this week
    i teenei wiki
  • this afternoon
    i teenei ahiahi
  • this morning
    i teenei ata
  • last week
    i teeraa wiki
  • last month
    i teeraa marama
  • last year
    i teeraa tau
  • next week
    a teeraa wiki
  • next month
    a teeraa marama
  • next year
    a teeraa tau
  • yesterday
  • tomorrow
  • earlier
    i mua atu
  • half an hour earlier / ago
    i te hawhe haora i mua atu (o)
  • "these days, contemporary times"
    o muri nei
  • now
  • right now
    inaaianei tonu
  • later (on)
    a muri mai
  • forever
    moo ake tonu
  • all the time
    i ngaa wa katoa
  • everyday
    ia raa ia raa
  • in a minute
    i roto i te meneti
  • in 5 minutes
    i roto i te rima meneti
  • "ever since, from long ago"
    "mai raa anoo, mai raanoo"
  • "long ago, long since"
    noa atu
  • before
    i mua
  • just before
    i mua tata atu
  • immediately before
    i mua tata tonu atu
  • in past times
    i ngaa waa oo mua