Te Reo Māori – Te Ataarangi Method L5 – ngā rā o te wiki (days of the week), he, she, they

If you are learning Te Reo Māori using the Te Ataarangi Method and cusininaire rods, I hope that these flashcards will help you consolidate what you are learning in class.

Lesson 5 – Ngā rā o te wiki (Days of the week), he, she, they

21 Ways to Use Cuisenaire Rods

Please note that my flashcard plugin doesn’t recognize macrons (the tūhoto) so I’ve adopted the old way of doubling the vowel where a macron would normally be present.  This just means that you hold that syllable for longer but it doesn’t change the sound of the vowel at all, just the length.

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  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
    Raahoroi / Hatarei
  • Sunday
  • What day is it today?
    Ko te aha teenei raa?
  • Today is Monday.
    Ko te Mani teenei raa.
  • Today is Tuesday.
    Ko te Turei teenei raa.
  • Today is Wednesday.
    Ko te Wenerei teenei raa
  • Today is Thursday.
    Ko te Taite teenei raa.
  • Today is Friday.
    Ko te Paraire teenei raa.
  • Today is Saturday.
    Ko te Raahoroi teenei raa.
  • Today is Saturday.
    Ko te Hatarei teenei raa.
  • Today is Sunday.
    Ko te Raatapu teenei raa.
  • Past tense
  • Future tense
  • he / she
  • you (2)
  • you (3+)
  • they (2)
  • they (3+)
  • S/he went.
    I haere ia.
  • S/he will go.
    Ka haere ia.
  • You (2) will go.
    Ka haere koorua.
  • You (2) went.
    I haere koorua.
  • You (3+) will go)
    Ka haere koutou.
  • You (3+) went.
    I haere koutou.
  • They (2) went.
    I haere raaua.
  • They (2) will go.
    Ka haere raaua.
  • They (3+) went.
    I haere raatou.
  • They (3+) will go.
    Ka haere raatou.
  • Did you guys go?
    I haere koutou?
  • "so, that's why, therefore"
    noo reira
  • your turn
    kei a koe te waa
  • after
    i muri
  • is that so? won't you? won't we? isn't it? etc
  • interrogative emphasizing a question
  • "He went, didn't he?"
    "I haere ia, nee?"
  • "You guys will go, won't you?"
    "Ka haere koutou, nee?"