U1 Asuntos Familiares (Edexcel Spanish for A Levels)



Unidad 1 – Asuntos Familiares (Edexcel Spanish for A Levels)


This is the first lesson from the Hodder Education textbook – ‘Edexcel Spanish for A Level’.  The grammar points covered include ‘the present tense’. ‘adjectives’ and ‘the future tense’.  Throughout the text we have added some helpful word and phrase translations that can be seen by hovering over the text, eg. hover over the headings ‘Asuntos Familiares’ and ‘Entrando en materia’ as well as a number of words and phrases in the text that follows (below the picture ) to see what they means..


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  Asuntos Familiares

(Edexcel Spanish for A Levels – Página 1)


Spanish Vocabulary Flashcards to do with ‘La Familia’ (The Family):  Click here for Set 1, Set 2, Set 3




Watch the following two You tube videos about family members, to practice your listening skills.


Click here to practice translating and typing the Spanish names of family members.

Click here to match the family member’s picture card with the card that contains the matching word.

Click here to play a drag and drop quiz naming family members.

Click here to complete the quiz ‘Miembros de la Familia’.


Click here for a quiz to practice vocabulary to do with ‘La Familia’



Entrando en materia …

(NB:  Hover over different parts of the text in the following paragraph to see some helpful notes in English)

La primera unidad tratará del tema de la familia en relación con muchos aspectos: las relaciones familiares, la manera de celebrar acontecimientos familiares en España e Hispanoamérica y la familia real española.  A continuación, , abordamos algunas cuestiones laborales y económicas relacionadas con la vida familiar.  Finalmente, introducimos unos asuntos que anticipan algunos de los temas más destacados del resto del libro: el medio ambiente, los viajes y la educación.


REFLEXIONA:   (pg. 1)



¿Cúantas palabras relacionadas con la familia puedes recordar?  Haz una lista, trabajando con tu compañero/a.

How many words to do with the family can you remember?  Make a list working with a partner.

¿Cómo es tu relación con tus padres, tu(s) hermano(s)/(a(s)?  ¿Buena? ¿Mala? ¿Regular? ¿Por qué?

How is your relationship with your parents, your brothers or sisters?  Good?  Bad?  Okay?  Why?

 ¿Qué relación tiene con tus abuelos/as, con tus primos/as?

What relationship do you have with your grandparents, with your cousins?

¿Cúales son los mayores problemas de la familia hoy en día?  Haz una lista de dos o tres problemas y coméntalos en grupos.

What are the biggest problems that families have today?  Make a list of two or three problems and talk about them in groups.



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