Surfing Terms in Spanish



Are you planning a surf trip to a Spanish speaking country?  Would you like to be able to ask about the wind and swell conditions when you get there, or share in the after surf conversations about the last session?  Then why not learn some of the following surfing terms in Spanish?

Nicaragua, Central America





to surf = surfear or hacer surf

surfer = surfista

to catch (a wave) = agarrar (lit. to grab)

cutback = recortar

manoeuvres = maniobras

it’s crowded = hay muchas personas, está llena

aggressive = agresivo

style = estilo

good style = estilo bueno

a big wipeout = una caida espectacular

learning = aprendiendo

breaking = rompiendo

bottom turn = giro abajo

carve = giro fluido

to paddle = remar

I wiped out, I fell off = me caí

to look for = buscar

I’m looking for = busco

I’m going to (do something) = Voy a (+ any verb infinitive)

to travel = viajar

I’m going to travel to Nicaragua.  =  Voy a viajar a Nicaragua.

an aerial = un aéreo


a surfboard = una tabla (de surf)

a shortboard = una tabla corta

a longboard = un longboard or un tablón

the nose = la nariz, la punta

the tail = la cola

a leggie / leash = una correa, el invento

a wetsuit = un traje de neopreno

wax – cera, parafina

fins = las quillas

rail = rail, el borde

the stringer = el alma


waves = olas

swell = olas, oleaje

like a washing machine = aguada

a set = un grupo

close-outs = las cerradas (las barras in Spain)

choppy = picado

a tube = un tubo

clean water = agua limpia

dirty water = agua sucia

deep = profundo

foam = espuma

glassy = de vidrio

inside = adentro

outside = afuera

backside = de espalda

steep = angulo

the current = la corriente

the face = la cara

the lip = el labio

the peak = la cresta

the wall = el pared

the shoulder = el braze (lit. arm)

the pocket = el hueco

the tide = la marea

the left = la izquierda

the right = la derecha


the coast = la costa

the point = el punto

beach break = fondo de arena

reef break = fondo de coral

point break = fondo de piedra

rivermouth break =punto del rio