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Welcome to our Quiz section, these Spanish language quizzes are designed not only to test but also to teach.


We try to include interesting and little known information in all the quizzes, even those that  may seem basic or for beginnersm so even if you're an advanced learner do try our quizzes on colours and numbers etc, you may be surprised to learn a couple of new things.




GCSE Lifestyle - La Dieta


Spanish Possessive Adjectives


The Preterite (Simple) Past Tense vs The Imperfect Past Tense Quiz


Spanish Demonstratives (this, that, these, those)


Telling the Time in Spanish


 Asking Questions in Spanish Quiz (1)   


Asking Questions in Spanish Quiz (2)  


Donde Viven Los Monstruos Audio Quiz


Indicative, Subjunctive or Infinitive Quiz  


Large Spanish Number Quiz


Los Colores (Spanish Colours) Quiz


Los Números (Spanish Numbers) Quiz



Por vs Para Quiz (*Premium Subscribers Only)


Las Preposiciones (Spanish Prepositions) Quiz


Preterite & Imperfect Spanish Past Tense Quiz


Regular Spanish -Ar Verb Quiz


Spanish Gender & Number Quiz


Spanish Nouns & Their Gender


Spanish Nouns & Their Gender (2)


Ser vs Estar Quiz


Ser vs Estar Present Tense Quiz  


Spanish Transitional Phrases Quiz


The Spanish Subjunctive Quiz


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