Sentir vs Sentirse

Are you unsure about when to use

sentirse and when to use sentir?


Both verbs mean 'to feel':



Use 'SENTIRSE' if you are saying 'HOW'  you feel? 


(use sentirse with adjectives and adverbs)




No me siento bien.      I don't feel well.


Me siento alegre.         I feel happy.




Use 'SENTIR' if you are saying 'WHAT' you feel?


(use 'sentir' with nouns)




Siento mucho dolor en el estómago.       I feel a lot of pain in my stomach.


No siento alegría.         I don't feel happiness.


Sentía hambre.       I felt hungry.




Tip to remember:


Rhyme 'what with not'.


How you feel 'is' reflexive (sentirSE)


What is not.  (sentir)