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 Most of ‘Learn English Spanish Online’ is open for all to use, at no charge, but as you can imagine we invest a lot of time and effort into providing a nice variety of good quality resources.


If you feel that this content is useful and you would like to help us keep going we would like to make sure you also get a little extra.


For a low annual donation of $US20 you can become a premium subscribe and get access to all of our special password protected content.


We are regularly adding content to both our free and premium areas and are happy to supply resources on any grammar topic at no charge, just let us know what you’re looking for.


What kind of content will you find in our premium area?  And how to get access for free.




All students who take Skype lessons with us get free access to the ‘private student’ area where they will find the show notes for their lessons including vocab’ lists and exercises, flashcards and quizzes. And this is just a start, new content is being added all the time.


Cost – Free to any of my students (min 4 lessons)

Or if you’re not a private student you can have access to these any of these lesson levels (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced and you can use them to teach yourself for $US20 per annum.




This area will contain articles, exercises quizzes etc designed to explain the most difficult aspects of Spanish grammar such as ‘the Spanish subjunctive mood’,’using ser and estar in the past’ etc.  


My aim with these articles will be to present a clear, easily understandable explanation of advanced grammar topics.  They will be based on extensive research and will include many examples to help you understand these advanced topics.  This area will also include flashcards and quizzes to consolidate what you are learning.


I will be happy to prepare ‘articles to order’ for addition to this area, so any member with access to this area who is struggling with any particular concept is welcome to send suggestions for article topics and I will do my best to help out.


This area will only be open to premium subscribers ($20 per annum).


Section 2 – THEOCRATIC – No Charge


Bible education is very important to me so this area is dedicated to those who have a similar interest and especially to those who are ‘need greaters’ or who are planning on becoming one, ie. those who are involved in the preaching work ‘to the most distant parts of the earth’.

 Here you will find biblical resources, vocab, phrases and more.


Cost – Free

Just email me requesting the password