Mi Vida Loca – Episodio 22 – La Vuelta A Casa



Mi Vida Loca – Episodio 22

– La Vuelta A Casa

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Well done – you have completed the video series.  Now let’s see how much you’ve learnt from ‘Mi Vida Loca’.

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Before you start the test here’s some clues about the kind of things you’ll be asked in the test.  Try answering the following questions before you reveal the answer if you’d like some practice.


What would you say to greet someone at 9am?

Buenos días.

What would you say to greet someone at 3pm?

Buenas tardes.

When you’re introduced to someone what would you say?

Mucho gusto.

How would you ask your friend’s mother how she is?

¿Cómo está?

How would you ask a friend’s teenage son how he is?

¿Cómo estás?


Complete these common conversational phrases by choosing from the following words.

cuándo, estás, dónde, estás, eres, cómo, qué

¿Qué tal?

How’s it going?

¿Cómo te llamas?

What’s your name?  (Lit.  How are you called?)

¿Estás de vacaciones?

Are you on holiday?

¿Eres de España?

Are you from Spain?

¿Dónde vives?

Where do you live?

What do these words and phrases mean?


Good / Well

Me llamo _____.

My name is _____.

de vacaciones

on holiday

trabajo (verb)

I work



hace dos meses

two months ago

soy de

I’m from


I live

cerca de aquí

near here

Shopping Vocabulary

What do these words mean?

pan    bread

kilos de     kilos of

botella de     bottle of

medio    half

vino tinto     red wine

manzanas     apples

peras     pears

jamón     ham

Money & Numbers

90     noventa

14     catorce

40    cuarenta

3   tres

11    once

Eating Out

Complete your order with the Spanish equivalent of the following verbs and menu items.


– a red wine

– a draught beer

– a coffee with milk

– a mixed salad

– a piece of toast

– a cheese sandwich


Para beber, un vino (tinto),

una (caña)

y un (café) con leche.

Y, para (comer),

una (ensalada) mixta,

una (tostada)

y un (bocadillo) de (queso).