Medical Spanish Phrases for Translation Practice

Medical Spanish Phrases for Translation Practice

There are many free resources online to help medical professionals to learn useful Spanish phrases that can help their Spanish speaking patients.  I found the phrases in this lesson here but have taken the liberty of making few corrections, and adding a couple of extra options etc.

Bear in mind that when instructions are given in these examples, the tú form is used whereas in some cases it might be more culturally acceptable to use the usted form.  Particularly when a doctor might be treating an older patient.



Can you translate these phrases from English to Spanish?

I am going to examine you.

Voy a examinarte.   (Boy-ah ehx-ah-mee-nahr-teh)

Please sit up on the bed.

Por favor, siéntate en la cama.   (Pohr fah-bohr see-ehn-tah-teh ehn lah kah-mah)

I am going to check your head.

Voy a revisar tu cabeza.  (Boy ah reh-bee-sahr too kah-beh-sah)  NB:  You could also say – Te voy a revisar la cabeza.))

Lift your head.

Levanta la cabeza.  (Leh-bahn-tah lah kah-beh-sah)

Lower your head.

Baja la cabeza.   (Bah-hah lah kah-beh-sah)

Move it (the head) from side to side.

Muévela de lado a lado.  (Moo-eh-beh-lah deh lah-doh ah lah-doh)

I am going to check your eyes.

Voy a revisar tus ojos.  (Boh ah reh-bee-sahr toos oh-ohs)  Or … Te voy a revisar los ojos.)

Look straight ahead.

Mira hacia adelante.   (Mee-rah ah-see-ah ah-deh-lahn-teh)

Look up.

Mira hacia arriba.   (Mee-rah ah-see-ah ah-rree-bah)

Look down.

Mira hacia abajo.   (Mee-rah ah-see-ah ah-bah-hoh)

Follow my finger.

Sigue mi dedo.   (See-geh mee deh-doh)

Look straight at the light.

Mira directo a la luz.   (Mee-rah dee-rehk-toh ah lah loos)

I am going to check your ears.

Voy a revisar tus orejas.   (Boy ah reh-bee-sahr toos oh-reh-hahs)  Or … Te voy a revisar las orejas.)

Turn your head to the left.

Voltea la cabeza hacia la izquierda.   (Bohl-teh-ah lah kah-beh-sah ah-see-ah lah ees-kee-ehr-dah)

Turn your head to the right.

Voltea la cabeza hacia la derecha.   (Bohl-teh-ah lah kah-beh-sah ah-seh-ah lah deh-reh-chah)

I am going to check your nose.

Voy a revisar tu nariz.   (Boy ah reh-bee-sar too nah-rees)  Or … Te voy a revisar la nariz.

I am going to check your throat.

Voy a revisar tu garganta.   (Boy ah reh-bee-sar too gahr-gahn-tah)  Or ‘te voy a revisar la garganta’.

Open your mouth.

Abre la boca.   (Ah-breh lah boh-kah)

Close your mouth.

Cierra la boca.   (See-eh-rrah lah boh-kah)

Open again.

Abre otra vez.   (Ah-breh oh-trah behs)

Say “aah”.

Di “aaa”.   (Dee aaah)

Please swallow.

Traga, por favor.   (Trah-gah pohr fah-bohr)


Sonríe.   (Sohn-ree-eh)

I am going to check your mouth.

Voy a revisar tu boca.   (Boy ah reh-bee-sahr too boh-kah)  Or … Te voy a revisar la boca.

I am going to check your teeth.

Voy a revisar tus dientes.   (Boy ah reh-bee-sahr toos dee-enh-tehs)   Or … Te voy a revisar las dientes.

Stick out your tongue.

Saca la lengua.   (Sah-kah lah lehn-goo-ah)

I am going to check your gums

Voy a revisar tus encías.   (Boy ah reh-bee-sahr toos ehn-see-ahs)

I am going to check your arm.

Voy a revisar tu brazo.   (Boy ah reh-bee-sahr too brah-soh)

Lift your arm.

Levanta tu brazo.   (Leh-bahn-tah too brah-soh)

Extend it.

Extiéndelo.  (Ehx-tee-ehn-deh-loh)

Flex it.

Dóblalo.   (Doh-blah-loh)

Rotate it.

Rótalo/dale vuelta.   (Roh-tah-loh/dah-leh boo-ehl-tah)

Bend your elbow.

Dobla el codo.   (Doh-blah ehl koh-doh)

Now can you translate these Spanish phrases to English?

I am going to palpate your nodes.
Voy a palpar los ganglios.
(boy ah pahl-pahr lohs ghan-glee-yos)

Turn your forearm.
Voltea el antebrazo.
(Bohl-tee-ah ehl ahn-teh brah-soh)

I am going to check your hand.
Voy a revisarte la mano.   Or …  Te voy a revisar la mano.
(Boy ah reh-bee-sahr lah mah-noh)

Open your hand.
Abre tu mano.
(Ah-breh too mah-noh)

Make a fist.
Haz un puño.
(Ahs oon poo-nyoh)

Hold my finger.
Agarra mi dedo.
(Ah-gah–rrah mee deh-doh)


Lift your hand.
Levanta tu mano.
(Leh-bahn-tah too mah-noh)

Bend your wrist.
Dobla la muñeca.
(Doh-blah lah moo-nyeh-kah)

Extend your wrist.
Extiende la muñeca.
(Ehx-tee-ehn-deh lah moo-nyeh-kah)

I am going to examine the leg.
Voy a examinar tu pierna.
(Boy ah ehx-ah-mee-nahr too pee-ehr-nah)

Lift your leg.
Levanta la pierna.
(Leh-bahn-tah lah pee-ehr-nah)

Bend it.

Bend your hip.
Dobla tu cadera.
(Doh-blah too kah-deh-rah)

Straighten your knee.
Endereza la rodilla.
(Ehn-deh-reh-sah lah roh-dee-yah)

Move your leg.
Mueve tu pierna.
(Moo-eh-beh too pee-ehr-nah)



I am going to examine your foot.
Voy a examinar tu pie.
(Boy ah ehx-ah-mee-nahr too pee-eh)

Haz fuerza, empuja.
(Ahs foo-ehr-sah, ehm-poo-hah)

Lift your foot.
Levanta el pie.
(Leh-bahn-tah ehl pee-eh)

Bend your toes.
Dobla los dedos.
(Doh-blah lohs deh-dohs)

Relax your muscle.
Relaja tu músculo.
(Reh-lah-hah too moos-koo-loh)

Now I am going to examine your chest.
Ahora, voy a revisar tu pecho.
(Ah-oh-rah boy ah reh-bee-sahr too peh-choh)

I am going to listen to your heart.
Voy a escuchar tu corazón.   Or …   Voy a escucharte el corazón.
(Boy ah ehs-koo-char ehl ko-rah-sohn)

And to finish off, a few more from Spanish to English …

Don’t talk.
No hables.   (Noh ah-blehs)

Respira.   (Rehs-pee-rah)

Breathe regularly.
Respira normalmente.   (Rehs-pee-rah nohr-mahl-mehn-teh)

Now take a deep breath.
Ahora, respira hondo.   (Ah-oh-rah, rehs-pee-rah ohn-doh)

Hold it.   (la respiración / breath)
Sosténla.   (Sohs-ten-lah)    Or ….   Deténla.   (Deh-tehn-loh)

Does it hurt to breathe?
¿Te duele al respirar?   (Teh doo-eh-leh ahl rehs-pee-rahr)

¡Tose!   (Toh-seh)

Descansa.   (Dehs-kahn-sah)

Sit upright.
Siéntate derecho.   (See-ehn-tah-teh deh-reh-choh)

Please lie down.
Acuéstate, por favor.   (Ah-koo-ehs-tah-teh pohr fah-bohr)

I am going to listen to your apical pulse.
Voy a oír tu pulso apical/latidos del corazón   (Boy ah oh-eer too pool-soh ah-pee-kahl/lah-tee-dohs dehl koh-rah-sohn)

Now I am going to examine your abdomen.
Ahora, voy a revisar tu abdomen/vientre   (Ah-oh-rah boy ah reh-bee-sahr too ahb-doh-mehn/bee-ehn-treh)

I am going to check your liver.
Voy a revisar tu hígado.   (Boy ah reh-bee-sahr too eeh-gah-doh)

I am going to palpate lightly/deeply.
Voy a palpar ligeramente/hondo.   (Boy ah pahl-pahr lee-heh-rahmehn-teh/Ohn-doh

Tell me if it hurts.
Dime si duele.   (Dee-meh see doo-eh-leh)

Turn onto your side.
Voltéate de lado.  (Bohl-teh-ah-teh deh lah-doh)

Take a deep breath.
Respira hondo.   (Rehs-pee-rah ohn-doh)

Let it out.
Exhala.   (Ehx-ah-lah)

I am going to listen to your lungs.
Voy a eschucharte los pulmones.   (Boy ah ehs-koo-chahr lohs pool-moh-nehs)

Breathe through your mouth.
Respira con la boca abierta.   (Rehs-pee-rah kohn lah boh-kah ah-bee-ehr-tah)

Otra vez.   (Oh-trah behs)

I am going to examine your genitalia.
Voy a examinar los genitales.   (Boy ah ehx-ah-mee-nahr lohs heh-nee-tah-lehs)

I have finished the exam.
Terminé de revisarte.   (Tehr-mee-neh deh reh-bee-sahr-teh)

Do you have any questions?
¿Alguna pregunta?   (Ahl-goo-nah preh-goon-tah)