Los Números – Spanish Numbers



When you’ve finished our lesson on numbers why not check out some of these free resources and try some of these online games to practice what you’ve learnt.



Listen to the Spanish numbers

Audio for all the Spanish numbers

Los Números 1-10



Telephone Numbers

Type the number you hear

Listen and click

Pick the right number

Type the Spanish numbers in words

Numbers Game

Listen and match the words and numbers

Drag and match and number races

Click the blue dot to match the numbers with the words

Drag and Match Numbers 1

Drag and Match Numbers 2

Read and match the numbers 1 – 100

Word match with Spanish & English numbers

Los Números 1-10 (Listen and match the numbers)

Los Números 11-19 (Listen and match the numbers)

Los Números 1-12 (Add the numbers)

Los Números 13-21 (Add the numbers)

Los Números 10-100 (Add the numbers)