GCSE Spanish AQA Listening Exam – Jan 2013


GCSE Spanish AQA Listening Exam – Jan 2013




Click on the ‘play’ arrow below (left) to start the listening section of the GCSE Spanish Exam of 2013

NB:  As the announcer states the student is given 5 minutes before the test begins, this means that there is a 5 minutes gap of recorded

silence at the beginning of the test, you can just fast forward through this section to begin the test!

Then using the attached pdf exam paper work through the exam to test your Spanish level and/or to prepare for your upcoming GCSE Spanish exam. 


Feel free to post your answers in the comment box below to receive corrections and suggestions.  While we don’t charge for this service we do appreciate a small donation if you find this service helpful.


If you are enrolled as a student with Learn English Spanish Online or if you have signed up as a premium member ($US20 per annum) then you will have the password to access the flashcards for the vocabulary used in this exam.


Flashcards for questions 1-4

Flashcards for questions 5-9




If you have any problems viewing the exam pdf below it may be a browser problem, try opening the page in another browser or simply right click the pdf link below and open in another tab.

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