Flashcards – Time Expressions often used with the Preterite Past Tense

Bear in mind that some of these time expressions could be used with either the preterite or the imperfect tense, depending on context, but because these ones are rather specific you will often find them used with the preterite tense.


  • at that time
    a esa hora
  • last night
  • the night before last
  • the day before yesterday
  • yesterday at midday
    ayer al mediodía
  • yesterday morning
    ayer por la mañana
  • yesterday afternoon
    ayer por la tarde
  • yesterday evening
    ayer por la noche
  • last year
    el año pasado
  • last Monday
    el lunes pasado
  • last Tuesday
    el martes pasado
  • last month
    el mes pasado
  • last week
    la semana pasada
  • the week before last
    la semana antepasada
  • at that moment
    en ese momento
  • 10 years ago
    hace diez años
  • 2 weeks ago
    hace dos semanas
  • the other day
    el otro dia
  • then
  • for two centuries
    durante dos siglos