Flashcards – Time Expressions often used with the Imperfect Past Tense

Bear in mind that some of these time expressions could be used with either the imperfect or the preterite tense, depending on context, but because these ones are rather vague you will often find them used with the imperfect tense.


  • often
    a menudo
  • sometimes
    a veces
  • every day
    cada dia
  • each week
    cada semana
  • every month
    cada mes
  • every year
    cada ano
  • frequently
    con frecuencia
  • from time to time
    de vez en cuando
  • at that time (in history)
    en aquella época
  • frequently
    frecuente- mente
  • usually
    general- mente
  • many times, often
    muchas veces
  • a lot
  • never
  • for a while
    por un rato
  • always
  • so many times
    tantas veces
  • every week
    todas las semanas
  • every day
    todos los días
  • all the time
    todo el tiempo
  • several times
    varias veces