Destinos Episode 10 – Cuadros

Destinos Episode 10 – Cuadros


Click here or here to watch episode 10 of Destinos entitled ‘Cuadros’ and then do the following exercises to learn more about the Spanish culture and to practice the vocabulary and grammar used in the episode.

As you follow along, find the answers to the questions on the pdf shown below.  Choose from the answers given on the right.

NB  If the pdf doesn’t appear below you should at least have a link do download it, or you could try a different browser.

Download (TIFF, Unknown)


Now how about filling the gaps with the given words …  🙂


Download (TIFF, Unknown)


Practice with the vocabulary from episode 10 here with this short quiz.

Now click here to practice describing people making sure that the adjectives match the person described.

How well do you know your nationalities in Spanish?  Click here to test yourself.

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether you should use the verb ‘ser’ or ‘estar’ or perhaps the special word ‘hay’.

 See how well you know when to use each one with this short quiz.

This is your opportunity to see how well you can conjugate stem changing verbs into the present tense and 

at the same time use reflexive pronouns when they are required.


Greetings in Spain

Click this link and then this one to learn how to greet people in Spain then write a brief synopsis and post it below along with any questions that you may have about the grammar used in episode 10 ‘Cuadros’.


Click here to learn about some famous Spanish artists.  

What do you know about surrealism?  Watch the bio film about Salvador Dali to learn more about this famous artist.  As you watch, try to find out what his inspiration was for his famous ‘melting clocks’  in his famous work ‘The Persistence of Memory’ – paste your answer below 🙂



Click here to read a simple ebook that will help you to be able to describe yourself and others in Spanish.