Destinos is a great tool for learning or improving your Spanish.  As it is a video series in the form of a telenovela (Soap Opera) it teaches speaking, listening, and comprehension skills in Spanish.

Spanish is spoken in many countries around the world and this series introduces the cultures, accents, and dialects of Mexico, Spain, Argentina, and Puerto Rico so that you can helping understand a range of Spanish and appreciate many Hispanic cultures.

If you have trouble understanding what the characters are saying there are captions that can be turned on but depending on your Spanish level, if you really want to test your listening and comprehension skills try just listening as this is great practice.


Click here to view all of the episodes of Destinos and after watching, click here to test your knowledge with these quizzes.

NB:  If the above link to view Destinos doesn’t work for you, try this alternatative site.




Start by looking at these flashcards to familiarise yourself with some of the vocabulary from episode 1.

Click here to get started with Episode 1 – La Gavia


As you follow along with episode 1, try to answer the following questions.  


Download (TIFF, 100KB)


Click here to learn some extra vocabulary then use what you learn to match the vocabulary with the following sentences.

Download (TIFF, 92KB)

When you’ve finished watching episode 1 why click here take our quiz to see how much you understood.






How well do you know the characters from Destinos?  Click here to play a game matching the name of each family member with their photograph.



Any questions?  Something you don’t understand?

Use these grammar guides to understand the grammar used in each episode and do the exercises to test your knowledge.

Grammar Guide for episodes 1-26

Grammar Guide for episodes 27-52

Feel free to ask any Spanish language questions on our Q&A forum and we’ll do our best to help you with the answer.