Destinos Episodio 3 – El Comienzo



Destinos Episodio 3

  El Comienzo

Click on the links below to use our flashcard sets to familiarize yourself with the important vocabulary from episode 3.

Flashcards (Present Tense Verb Conjugations)

Flashcards (La Ropa)

Flashcards (Números)

Click here or here to watch ‘Destinos – Episodio 3 – El Comienzo’


 As you listen to episode 3, try to answer the following questions (post your answers below if you’d like to have them checked.


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Practice makes Perfect!


Once you’ve watched episode 3 of ‘Destinos’ why not use the links below to see how much you’ve learnt?



Click here to match the keys with the correct numbers.  Use these flashcards if your numbers need a little work first.

Now click here for the next game.   Arrastra las palabras a las prendas correspondientes.

Now it’s time to conjugate some verbs.    If you’d like to practice before you do the exercise here are the verb conjugations you will need on flashcards.  You will also have to remember the difference between ‘saber’ (to know information) and ‘conocer’ (to know people and places).   Click here to start conjugating.

Often the hardest thing for beginners when learning Spanish is to understand the spoken word.  Click here to listen in to a dialogue and see if you can fill the gaps with what you hear.

If you’re interesting in learning a little about the Spanish culture click here to find out a little about the food, art, history and architecture of Spain.

Finally why not take this short quiz that covers a little of all of the above!