Destinos Episode 9 – Estaciones



Destinos Episode 9 – Estaciones  


Click here to watch episode 9 ‘Estaciones’.


After using these flashcards (Spanish to Eng) and these ones (Eng to Spanish) you can practice vocabulary to do with the seasons, colours and months of the year by clicking here.


Click here to play and easy game to practice your colours – match the colour with its name.   Good for kids!


Watch this video to learn how to pronounce the Spanish colours and test your own knowledge by seeing if you can name the colours as they appear.  You will also learn that when most colours appear with a noun they need to match that noun by becoming masculine or feminine, singular or plural.



Click here to take a quiz on ‘las estaciones’ (the seasons) and here’s another quiz, just for fun 🙂


Practice conjugating stem changing verbs in the present tense here.


Play this game to practice your Spanish days and months.


Decide if these sentences using reflexive pronouns are logical or illogical.


Practice expressing possession with this quiz.


Practice using demonstratives with this quiz.


Watch this video to learn about the Spanish seasons and what kind of weather is common in each season.