Destinos Episode 8


Destinos Episode 8 – El Encuentro




Federico takes Raquel to meet Sra. Suárez at her home. There Teresa tells Raquel the story of Rosario. She says that Rosario didn’t die in the war, but Rosario had believed her husband don Fernando had died. She had a son, Angel Castillo, who was born in Seville where Teresa and Rosario met. After the war Rosario and her son moved to Argentina where she married an Argentine rancher, Martin Iglesias. Teresa Suárez gives Raquel some letters from Rosario with a return address at the Santa Susana ranch near Buenos Aires. She also gives her a personal letter which she has written to Rosario.

    Teresa asks Raquel why she was searching for Rosario. Raquel tells her about her relationship to the family and about don Fernando’s illness. Afterward, Teresa tells Raquel that she discovered don Fernando’s whereabouts through a magazine article.

    After the conversation Teresa prepares dinner for the two of them and Federico, and they chat about Raquel’s stay in Seville. Before she goes, they agree to see each other again the following day and Raquel accepts Federico’s invitation to visit him in his guitar workshop.

    Back at her hotel, Raquel calls Elena in Seville to ask her to obtain a copy of Angel’s birth certificate. As she hangs up, the bellman delivers a telex.


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