Destinos Episode 7 – La Cartera




Destinos Episode 7 – La Cartera


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Game – Can you name these items of clothing in Spanish?



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Episode 7: The Wallet

Upon arriving at her hotel in Madrid, Raquel discovers that she has left her wallet in the taxi.  Alfredo offers to look for the taxi and recover the wallet. Raquel goes to her room and checks the clothes she has brought to see if she has enough. Then she calls Pedro, but since he isn’t in she leaves a message. Meanwhile, it turns out that the teacher that Alfredo was looking for is actually Sr. Diaz, a man whom Raquel met on the train. Federico Ruiz, another son of Sra. Suárez, comes to the hotel and a series of mix-ups ensues stemming from confused names and room numbers: The bellman and the receptionist have mixed up the names of Alfredo and Federico. The latter finally manages to talk with Raqueland invites her to come to his mother’s apartment. Alfredo has returned with the wallet, but he and Raquel are unable to find each other, so Raquel and Federico leave for Teresa Suárez’s apartment without it.


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