Spanish Pronominal Verbs (sometimes aka Reflexive Verbs)

Have you ever seen those funny looking verbs that appear in the dictionary with a ‘se’ tacked on the end of them?  If you would like to know more about what makes them special, how to conjugate and use them then this little book is just for you.  They are called pronominal verbs and they … Read more

Qué vs Cuál

¿Qué? vs ¿Cuál?   These words can cause a bit of confusion as they are both question words (when they have accents) and can both be translated as ‘what’ or ‘which’ depending on the construction of the sentence. NB: if these words don’t have accents they are relative pronouns and will be translated as ‘which’ or … Read more

Extra en español (Video Series)

  Episode 1 with a quiz Episodio 2 with a quiz Episodio 3 (1-10 mins) with flashcards Episodio 3 (10-24 mins) with flashcards Episodio 4 (1-10 mins) with flashcards Episodio 4 (10-24 mins) with flashcards Episodio 5 with flashcards Episodio 6 with flashcards Episodio 7 with flashcards  Episodio 8 with flashcards Episodio 9 with flashcards to … Read more

Mi Vida Loca (Ejercicio – Verbos en el Pasado)

  Mi Vida Loca  (Ejercicio – Verbos en el Pasado) Fill the gaps by conjugating the given verbs in either the preterite or imperfect tense to fit the translation. PREVIAMENTE… PREVIOUSLY… (Llegar – you arrived) _______  a Madrid el sábado  Llegaste pero la bienvenida no te la _________.   (Esperar – you weren’t expecting)  esperaba … Read more

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