Advanced Spanish Lessons

  Click on the following links to tackle our advanced Spanish lessons   Ser Vs Estar ¡Pongámonos Mandones! – Let’s Get Bossy with Spanish Commands (imperative) Si Clauses and Como Si used with the Spanish indicative or the subjunctive mood Aunque + Subjunctive or Indicative Ser & Estar In The Past – Era, fue, estuvo, estaba  

Aunque + Subjunctive or Indicative

Aunque – do you follow it with the indicative or the subjunctive? The answer is that ‘both are possible’!  🙂   The regular guidelines for choosing between the indicative and the subjunctive come into play. Use the indicative when your purpose is to declare something: Reasons you might want to declare something … 1.  You … Read more

An Introduction To The Spanish Subjunctive Mood

  An Introduction To The Spanish Subjunctive Mood   At this stage of your learning you are probably very familiar with the word ‘tense’ when it comes to a language. This is a grammatical term that locates a situation in time, it indicates when the situation takes place.   You have many tenses in Spanish … Read more