Advanced Spanish Lessons

  Click on the following links to tackle our advanced Spanish lessons   Ser Vs Estar ¡Pongámonos Mandones! – Let’s Get Bossy with Spanish Commands (imperative) Si Clauses and Como Si used with the Spanish indicative or the subjunctive mood Aunque + Subjunctive or Indicative Ser & Estar In The Past – Era, fue, estuvo, estaba  

Ser & Estar In The Past – Era, fue, estuvo, estaba

Ser & Estar In The Past – Era, fue, estuvo, estaba I have been learning and teaching Spanish for many years now and from my experience I would have to say that apart from the subjunctive there are two other main challenges when it comes to mastering the Spanish language. The first is understanding the difference between … Read more

Mi Vida Loca (Ejercicio – Verbos en el Pasado)

  Mi Vida Loca  (Ejercicio – Verbos en el Pasado) Fill the gaps by conjugating the given verbs in either the preterite or imperfect tense to fit the translation. PREVIAMENTE… PREVIOUSLY… (Llegar – you arrived) _______  a Madrid el sábado  Llegaste pero la bienvenida no te la _________.   (Esperar – you weren’t expecting)  esperaba … Read more