Mi Vida Loca (Video Series)

Mi Vida Loca (Video Series) Videos & Extras Click here to view videos Unfortunately the BBC has archived the ‘Mi Vida Loca’ video series but you will be able to find them on You Tube, here is one user who seems to have the whole series available 🙂  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0vkIW_YdQAYGWgllHEc98Q/search?query=mi+vida+loca Flashcards Flashcards for all episodes Quizzes Beginner’s … Read more


AUNQUE Conjugate the given verb in the subjunctive or the indicative to match the meaning of the English sentence: Feel free to post your attempt below. 1.   Aunque (ir) no iré. Even if you go, I won’t (go). 2.   Vamos a pescar aunque (llover) mañana. We’re going fishing even if it rains (may … Read more