Spanish Pronominal Verbs (sometimes aka Reflexive Verbs)

Have you ever seen those funny looking verbs that appear in the dictionary with a ‘se’ tacked on the end of them?  If you would like to know more about what makes them special, how to conjugate and use them then this little book is just for you.  They are called pronominal verbs and they … Read more

Mi Vida Loca (Video Series)

Mi Vida Loca (Video Series) Videos & Extras Click here to view videos Unfortunately the BBC has archived the ‘Mi Vida Loca’ video series but you will be able to find them on You Tube, here is one user who seems to have the whole series available 🙂 Flashcards Flashcards for all episodes Quizzes Beginner’s … Read more

Extra en español (Video Series)

    NB:  Due to trouble with spammers we have recently removed the option to register which was a prerequisite for doing our quizzes but as the quizzes are so much work to set up we have decided to make them part of the premium content.  If you would like to access all content on … Read more