Qué vs Cuál

¿Qué? vs ¿Cuál?   These words can cause a bit of confusion as they are both question words (when they have accents) and can both be translated as ‘what’ or ‘which’ depending on the construction of the sentence. NB: if these words don’t have accents they are relative pronouns and will be translated as ‘which’ or … Read more

Mi Vida Loca (Video Series)

Mi Vida Loca (Video Series) Videos & Extras Click here to view videos Unfortunately the BBC has archived the ‘Mi Vida Loca’ video series but you will be able to find them on You Tube, here is one user who seems to have the whole series available 🙂  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0vkIW_YdQAYGWgllHEc98Q/search?query=mi+vida+loca Flashcards Flashcards for all episodes Quizzes Beginner’s … Read more

Flashcards for Mi Vida Loca

      Flashcards for Mi Vida Loca EPISODE 1- En Madrid Episodio 1 (Essential Vocabulary for beginners) Episodio 1 (Extra Vocabulary for beginners) Episodio 1 (More Advanced Vocabulary Set 1) EPISODE 2 – ¿Un amigo? Episode 2 (Essential vocabulary for beginners) Episodio 2 (Extra vocabulary for beginners) Episodio 2 (More Advanced Vocabulary Set 1) … Read more

Extra en español (Video Series)

    NB:  Due to trouble with spammers we have recently removed the option to register which was a prerequisite for doing our quizzes but as the quizzes are so much work to set up we have decided to make them part of the premium content.  If you would like to access all content on … Read more

Aunque + Subjunctive or Indicative

Aunque – do you follow it with the indicative or the subjunctive? The answer is that ‘both are possible’!  🙂   The regular guidelines for choosing between the indicative and the subjunctive come into play. Use the indicative when your purpose is to declare something: Reasons you might want to declare something … 1.  You … Read more