Destinos Episodio 12 – Revelaciones

Destinos Episodio 12 – Revelaciones   View the episode here or here. Watch episode 12 of Destinos, entitled ‘Revelaciones’ here. As you watch episode 12 answer the questions in this pdf. Take this short quiz based on the vocabulary from episode 12 of Destinos here. Conjugate these regular Spanish verbs into the preterite tense by completing … Read more

Destinos Episode 9 – Estaciones

    Destinos Episode 9 – Estaciones     Click here to watch episode 9 ‘Estaciones’.   After using these flashcards (Spanish to Eng) and these ones (Eng to Spanish) you can practice vocabulary to do with the seasons, colours and months of the year by clicking here.   Click here to play and easy game to practice … Read more