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Bienvenidos a ‘Aprender español en línea’


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Random Spanish / English Vocabulary List 11.10.2018

RANDOM SPANISH / ENGLISH VOCABULARY LIST TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE WITH TODAY’S RANDOM WORD LIST   mountainous scenic scenic view easy going uncomplicated jelly sanctions threatening to defend uncertainty scale on a grand scale

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The use of le and les as ‘indirect object pronouns

  Before we begin to talk about the use of le and les as ‘indirect object pronouns’ in Spanish let’s first make sure we know a little about English pronouns and how to decide between using direct and indirect object pronouns. As I’ve mentioned in other posts a pronoun is a word that is used …

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How to remember in Spanish acordarse vs recordar

Acordar, acordarse and recordar Sometimes it’s difficult to know the difference between the verbs acordar, acordarse and recordar so I hope that this short lesson will help.   Acordar = to agree No estoy de acuerdo.    I don’t agree.   Acordarse (de) = to recall, remember ¿Te acuerdas de ella?   Do you remember her? NB: …

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Spanish Pronominal Verbs (sometimes aka Reflexive Verbs)

Have you ever seen those funny looking verbs that appear in the dictionary with a ‘se’ tacked on the end of them?  If you would like to know more about what makes them special, how to conjugate and use them then this little book is just for you.  They are called pronominal verbs and they …

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