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WE’D LIKE YOUR HELP!  (8 April 2021)

I’m not sure if you’re heard of the Storybird site?  It’s a place where artists share their art and people could write little books which could then be shared publicly at no charge.  I guess they have to earn their money somehow but they have now changed the rules and the authors have to pay to share their work.  This includes work that was previously shared on their site 🙁

Unfortunately I had written 24 little language books to help visitors to my site learn different Spanish grammar points and I had embedded the links into this site but the links no longer work and the books are now locked behind their paywall. 

If I buy review tickets, I can get the books reviewed and then published so that they are again in the public library and the links will once again work on this site.  (Ticket price is shown below, 1 ticket covers 10 pages of each book so one book will be a number of tickets) 

If anyone would like to make a small donation to help me do that I would be most appreciative.  If the donations make it possible, once the books have been submitted for review, I will then use any extra to pay for download tickets so that I can download PDF copies of the books and I will personally send one book per $US3 donation (up to the 24 books that I have) to any one who donates.

The book covers/titles are shown below if anyone is interested in helping.  Even $1 a would help so don’t be shy, I’ll update this page as we go along and remove the message when I get it sorted.

Any donations can be made through Paypal @ thelanguagetutors@gmail.com – please just use the reference Storybird!

Thanks so much for your support if you’re able to help, I hope we can soon get these books available to everyone again for free. ¡Mil gracias!


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Not sure where to start?


You’ll find lots of free content here, including lessons, games, exercises etc for learning English or Spanish

This site is a labour of love that I set up when I was teaching languages and although I no longer do so I am trying to maintain it as needed and as hosting costs became prohibitive we have kindly become hosted by a lovely sponsor.

Due to spammers we have removed the option to register on this site, some content such as the quizzes which are very time consuming to set up and maintain are set aside as premium content and are available  with a min $20US payment through Paypal, when I receive notification of your payment I will send the password  so that all site content can be accessed for a year.

(feel free to email me with your payment details  if you have not yet received the password)


Although we no longer offer online Skype classes we do hope that the resources on the site will prove useful to you in our learning journey.  If you are struggling with a particular concept or part of grammar etc we are happy to prepare a tailor made comprehensive post covering the topic, giving explanations and examples etc or a comprehensive quiz on the topic (including examples and explanations to help you. ($20US per lesson topic).   

Bienvenidos a ‘Aprender Inglés y Español En Línea’

Esta página es un centro de los idiomas inglés y español para ayudarle a cumplir sus sueños de hablar español o inglés como segundo idioma.

¡Tenemos muchas ganas de compartir su viaje de aprender otro idioma!


We look forward to sharing your journey of learning another language!



Bienvenidos a ‘Aprender español en línea’


Esta página es un centro del idioma español para ayudarle a cumplir sus sueños de hablar español como segundo idioma.


Podrá organizar lecciones en línea cara a cara en Skype, leer o descargar lecciones de idioma escritas, hacer preguntas, usar nuestras flashcards y descargar podcasts de audio.


¡Tenemos muchas ganas de compartir su viaje de aprender otro idioma!


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