Spanish / English Vocab List 2.8.2018

Spanish / English Vocab List 2.8.2018

Why not test your knowledge with some random Spanish / English vocab taken from a real life conversation.

(door) knob
knob (switch, control)
light switch
making things up
a certain (person)
a certain (thing)
section (of a document)
a crop
a crop of corn
to plant
to grow (a crop)
to spread, smear
to cover




(door) knob – pomo, picaporte
knob (switch, control) – botón
light switch – el interruptor
making things up – inventándose cosas
a certain (person) – un tal, una tal
a certain (thing) – en particular, en especial
section (of a document) – sección
process – proceso, procedimiento
a crop – un cultivo, una cosecha
a crop of corn – un cultivo de maíz
to plant – plantar, sembrar (sow)
to grow (a crop) – cultivar
seedling – una planta de semillero, plantón
to spread, smear – untar
to cover – cubrir
whole – entero/entera