Personalised Skype Lessons

There is only so much that you can learn by yourself or by reading grammar books, dictionaries or other language books.

Taking a few Spanish or English lessons can really help you progress and we’re happy to offer live video lessons using Skype, tailor-made to you and your requirements.

We’re flexible with material, time and even the price.

Personal one-on-one Skype lesson are $32.00 per hour or you’re welcome to just do 30 min classes for $18

(We offer excellent discounts to long-term students.  Also, if you are on a limited income but would still like to take lessons please write us a letter explaining your circumstances and we’ll see what we can do to help.)

We will also be trialling Google Hangouts for classroom type online lessons so that a group of say 4 students can attend classes at a reduced rate, sharing the costs between them so if you have a group of friends and you’d all like to learn together this could be the option for you.

Click the ‘contact’ tab in the bottom right hand corner of your screen to book your personal Skype lesson or to ask for more information.