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    When referring to a piece of paper or what have you, which is the best way to say “on the other side”?
    I recently said, “El otro lado,” to a woman who doesn’t speak a word of English and it took more than a second for her to follow what I meant and say, “reverso.”
    Is there another way to say it, or is that about it?

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    Language Tutors

    You can use ‘al dorso’ or if the person needs to turn something like a sheet of paper over to look at the back you could say ‘voltee la hoja a la otra cara.’  Hope that helps 🙂

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    And to turn a point of conversation around , can one say?=  ¿Puedes decir , ‘ en la otra mano ‘ ? Or is that merely a saying in English?


    There you go two questions in one , I am at least thrifty .

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    Language Tutors

    Hey Ray nice to see you around.  The Spanish equivalent to ‘on the other hand’ is ‘por (el) otro lado’.

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      Can en cambio also be said?

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