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    And the young at heart!


    It’s great to see you here!  Are you ready to learn some Spanish?


    This lesson is about ‘spinach soup’ – watch the video below to find out if Lola likes spinach soup or not?


    When you’ve finished watching the video come see if you can answer the questions below 😉



    This video is about Lola who is invited to eat at the house of the special guest.  Lola’s friend tells her that she made a delicious spinach soup, but Lola says that she doesn’t like it because it’s very green.  Finally she  gets up courage and decides to try it.  She discovers that the soup is delicious!



    Este video trata de Lola quien está invitada a comer en la casa de la invitada especial. La amiga de Lola le dice que hizo una deliciosa sopa de espinacas, pero Lola dice que no le gusta porque es muy verde. Finalmente toma valor y se anima a probarla. Descubre que la sopa sabe muy rica.



    If it makes it easier, cut and paste the questions into the post box below and paste your answers in between the questions.

    If you are a beginner you may answer in English or if you are more advanced type your answers in Spanish and English, either way try to answer with full sentences instead of just one word answers if you can.  The answers are under the spoilers at the end but try not to cheat!


    1.   ¿Cómo se llama la señora que hace la sopa?

    What is the name of the lady making the soup?

    2.   ¿Por qué invitó Patti a Lola a su casa?

    Why did Patti invite Lola to her house?

    3.   ¿ ¿Cree Patti que a Lola le va a gustar la sopa?

    Does Patti think that Lola is going to enjoy the soup?

    4.   ¿Cómo se llama el esposo de Patti?

    What’s Patti’s husband’s name?

    5.   ¿Cómo huele la sopa?

    How does the soup smell?

    6.   ¿Tiene hambre Lola?

    Is Lola hungry?

    7.   ¿Qué tipo de sopa es?

    What kind of soup is it?

    8.   ¿Por qué dice Patti que a Lola le debe gustar la sopa?  Nombra dos razones.

    Why does Patti say that Lola should like the soup?  Name two reasons.

    9.   Lola dice que a ella no le gusta la sopa porque es muy, muy …qué? 

    Lola says that she doesn’t like the soup because it’s very, very ….what?

    10.   ¿Qué sugerencia tiene Patti para Lola?

    What suggestion does Patti have for Lola?

    11.   Si Lola la prueba qué puede pasar?

    If Lola tries it. what might happen?

    12.   Si Lola no la prueba ¿qué no va a saber?

    If Lola doesn’t try it, what won’t she know?

    13.   ¿Cree Lola que Patti tiene razón?   Does Lola think that Patti is right?

    14.  ¿Qué decide Lola?

    What does Lola decide?

    15.  ¿Sabe mal la sopa?

    Does the soup taste bad?

    16.   ¿Qué le pregunta Ernesto a Patti cuando llega?

    What does Ernesto ask Patti when he arrives?

    17.   ¿Llegó Ernesto a tiempo?

    Did Ernesto arrive in time?

    18.  Pero ¿qué va a hacer Patti?

    But what is Patti going to do?

    19.  ¿Quiere Lola más sopa?

    Does Lola want more soup?

    20.   Al final, ¿qué dice Lola sobre la sopa?

    In the end, what does Lola say about the soup?






    1.   Se llama Patti.   She is called Patti.

    2.   Ella le invitó para comer.   She invited her to eat.

    3.    Sí, ella cree que a Lola le va a gustar la sopa.   Yes, she thinks that Lola is going to enjoy the soup.

    4.   Se llama Ernesto.   He’s called Ernest.

    5.  Huele muy bien.   It smells really good.

    6.   Sí, ella tiene mucha hambre.   Yes she’s very hungry.

    7.   Es sopa de espinacas.   It’s spinach soup.

    8.   Porque es rica y nutritiva.    Because it’s tasty and nutritious.

    9.   Porque es muy, muy verde.   Because it is very, very green.

    10.   Que la pruebe.   That she try it.

    11.   Quizás a ella le va a gustar la sopa.   Perhaps she’ll like the soup.

    12.   Nunca va a saber si a ella le gusta o no.   She’ll never know if she likes it or not.

    13.   Sí, ella cree que Patti tiene razón.   Yes, she thinks that Patti is right.

    14.  Ella decide probarla.   She decides to try it.

    15.  No, sabe bastante bien.   No, it tastes quite good.

    16.   ¿Qué preparaste?    What have you prepared?

    17.   No, él llegó tarde porque la sopa ya se había acabado.  No, he arrived late because the soup had already gone.

    18.  Ella va a hacer más sopa.    She’s going to make more soup.

    19.  Sí, ella quiere más.    Yes, she wants more.

    20.   Ella dice que es deliciosa.    She says that it is delicious.






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