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    Started by Learn Spanish Online 10 months ago

    Everyone who would like to learn English or Spanish or to help others do so is welcome here and to make sure that this stays a friendly and child safe site that we can all enjoy we ask please that everyone …..

    1) Be respectful and kind and remember your manners. Everyone will be at different levels and as no one is perfect we are all bound to make mistakes, so please offer your suggestions and corrections with respect and tact.

    2) There’s a good chance that your very question has been answered before so please do a search before you post your question.

    3) When you do post a question include the topic clearly in the title, this will help others to find it when they search for the same question. Also give context whenever you can as this can make all the difference to what the answer should be.

    4) Post your own attempt along with your question as this is the best way to learn and remember. Members are encouraged not to provide translations or do homework when the poster has not included their own attempt as this will be of little value to genuine learners.

    5) When answering, give clear well thought out answers, those with examples are always the most helpful. Don’t be afraid to offer suggestions even you’re learning too, but if you’re not 100% sure, make sure you say so.

    6) Please use good language and post only appropriate photos as this is a child friendly site. Use correct capitalization, grammar, spelling, and punctuation to help others learn.

    7) No advertising, spamming or promotional activity.

    8) Most of all …. enjoy your time here and learn lots!!

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