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      Sentences with ‘si’ clauses

      G A M E    –   SI CLAUSES
      If you have read our lesson on ‘Si Clauses’ then you might like to practice forming these kinds of sentences here;
      These are the main points to remember when it comes to choosing tenses and moods in sentences containing a ‘si’ (if) clause:
      1)   si  + present tense + present tense:  for things that are likely or for things that happen regularly
      Si viene, no voy a quedarme.   If he comes (and I think he will) I’m not staying.
      Si llueve no trabajamos.   If it rains we don’t work.
      2)  Si + present tense + future tense:   for events that will occur (in the future) if the condition is met (in the present). 
      Si viene, no estaré feliz.   If he comes, I won’t be happy.
      3)  Si + present tense + imperative/command form: to give an order (in the imperative) dependent on the condition being met (in the present).
      1)   Si + imperfect subjunctive + the conditional:  for hypothetical situations in the future and the present that are contrary to fact or very unlikely:
      Si lloviera, no saldría.   If it were to rain, I wouldn’t go out.
      2)   Si + pluperfect subjunctive + the conditional perfect or pluperfect subjunctive:  For hypothetical situations in the past that are impossible or contrary to fact:
      Si hubiera llovido … no habría salido. (or no hubiera salido.)   If it had rained I wouldn’t have gone out.
      HOW TO PLAY:
      1)   Translate the sentence left by the last player (this may be in English or Spanish) choosing the correct tenses and moods to give an accurate translation.
      2)   Post a picture if you’d like.
      3)   Leave a new sentence in Spanish or English for the next player that includes a ‘si’ clause.
      4)   Check that your sentence has:   An event + si + a result.    or    A result + si + an event.
      I’ll get us started:
      Given Sentence:      If I were you I’d keep quiet.

      If I were you I’d keep quiet: Si yo fuera en lugar de ti, me callaría. (If I was in your place, I’d keep quiet.)

      I would be happy if the dog would stay away from my garden.

      Dogscaping is a dog digging 





      Learn English Spanish Online posted … 



      Nice one Saige 🙂
      Given:  I would be happy if the dog would stay away from my garden.
      Translated:  Me alegraria sí el perro pudiera quedarse lejos de mi jardin
      New Sentence:  She threatened him not to say a word to anyone.

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