Los Tres Cochinitos

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      Los Tres Cochinitos / The Three Little Pigs
      Using the instructions in the ‘How to record your audio’ article on the previous page’ record yourself reading the following Spanish or English text.
      Post the link to your recording below if you would like to receive some feedback.  Along with your recording do let us know where you are from and how long you have been learning the language of your recording. 
      And if English or Spanish is your native tongue please feel free to make a second recording along with a note saying where you are from, other members will no doubt benefit from hearing the different native accents and trying to imitate them.
      This exercise is designed to be a collaborative effort because as you can imagine listening to each recording and leaving constructive criticism for each recording could become very time consuming.  I will do my best to listen to all recordings but if you would like to receive some helpful suggestions on your recording please share the love and critique at least one other member’s recording first, leaving helpful, encouraging and constructive comments.
      Les voy a contar de los tres cochinitos y el lobo. El primer cochinito construyó su casa de paja y por eso el lobo la destruyó facilmente. Entonces, el primer cochinito huyó a la casa de su hermano quién había construido su casa de palos. Le costó más trabajo, pero al final el lobo logró destruir esta casa también. Los dos cochinitos escaparon y fueron a la casa de su hermano, el más trabajador. Éste había construido su casa de ladrillo de modo que el lobo no pudo destruirla.
      I’m going to tell you about the three little pigs and the wolf. The first little pig built his house out of straw and, due to this, the wolf destroyed it easily. Then the first little pig fled to his brother’s house who had built his house out of sticks. It was more difficult, but in the end the wolf managed to destroy this house too. The two little pigs escaped and went to their brother’s house, the dilligent one. This little pig had built his house with bricks so the wolf was not able to destroy it.    
      We’ll be happy to give you some feedback if you post your link below.  Feel free to do your recording in English as well as Spanish so that others can enjoy hearing other native speakers this should be interesting as well as helpful.



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