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    If you have read our lesson on ‘Si Clauses then you might like to practice forming these kinds of sentences here.


    These are the main points to remember when it comes to choosing tenses and moods in sentences containing a ‘si’ (if) clause:





    1)   si  + present tense + present tense:  for things that are likely or for things that happen regularly

    Si viene, no voy a quedarme.   If he comes (and I think he will) I’m not staying.

    Si llueve no trabajamos.   If it rains we don’t work.

    2)  Si + present tense + future tense:   for events that will occur (in the future) if the condition is met (in the present)

    Si viene, no estaré feliz.   If he comes, I won’t be happy.

    3)  Si + present tense + imperative/command form: to give an order (in the imperative) dependent on the condition being met (in the present).



    1)   Si + imperfect subjunctive + the conditional:  for hypothetical situations in the future and the present that are contrary to fact or very unlikely:

    Si lloviera, no saldría.   If it were to rain, I wouldn’t go out.

    2)   Si + pluperfect subjunctive + the conditional perfect or pluperfect subjunctive:  For hypothetical situations in the past that are impossible or contrary to fact:

     Si hubiera llovido … no habría salido. (or no hubiera salido.)   If it had rained I wouldn’t have gone out.




    1)   Translate the sentence left by the last player (this may be in English or Spanish) choosing the correct tenses and moods to give an accurate translation.

    2)   Post a picture if you’d like.

    3)   Leave a new sentence in Spanish or English for the next player that includes a ‘si’ clause.

     4)   Check that your sentence has:   An event + si + a result.    or    A result + si + an event.


    I’ll get us started:

    Given Sentence:      If I were you I’d keep quiet.

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