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      A-Z (English) Fruit & Vegetables
      Started by Learn Spanish Online 1 year ago

      VOCABULARY is very important when it comes to learning a language – this game will help you learn the English names of fruit & vegetables.


      How to play:
      This is a game to name fruit and vegetables in alphabetical order.


      Look at the last post in the game and using the next letter of the alphabet find a picture of a fruit or vegetable that begins with that letter.  


      (Choose one that has not been posted previously.)


      Post the name and a picture of the fruit or vegetable.


      Make sure that it follows in alphabetical order!

      Ie. if the last person posted an ‘apple’ then you can post any fruit or vegetable beginning with a ‘b’ – (banana, beetroot etc).




      Ok I’ll start us off!
      A is for – artichoke

      B is for banana


      Newbie SaigeSmith replied 1 month ago…


      C is for Cantaloupe


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