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      How to record your own audio
      The goal of learning any language must be to communicate clearly so speaking is an important part of learning.  We know that not everyone has a lot of opportunities to practise speaking their target language, let alone get feedback when they do.  
      This new section on our forum makes use of some awesome resources found on the University of Texas website (big thanks to them) and it is designed to give you a chance to practice speaking Spanish outloud.  We’re also happy to provide you with some feedback too if you’d like.
      To get started click here to open the ‘Vocaroo’  online voice recorder in a new window (you may then like to reduce the size of the Vocaroo window so that you can see it and this page simultaneously) then follow these instructions:
      1)  Press the red ’click to record button’.
      2)  Click the ‘allow’ button to let Vocaroo record your voice.
      3)   Read the text given below out loud …… then click ’click to stop’ when you’ve finished.
      4)   Click the ’listen’ button to make sure that you’ve recorded your audio successfully.
      NB:    If there are any problems recording you can right click the recording box, click ‘settings’  and try some different settings.
      5)   Click ‘retry’ if you’d like to record the audio again and do so until you’re happy with the recording.
      6)   Under the recording box by ‘Happy with this recording’ press the ‘click here to save’button.
      (Bear in mind that Vocaroo will only keep these message for some months so if you’d like to keep a permanent record you should also download the recording to your own computer.
      7)   Copy the ‘link’ URL info (top left box under ‘sharing options’ and post it, along with your comments*, on whichever audio thread it relates to.
      8)   If you’d like to hear a native speaker reading the same text as a comparison, or if you are unsure of how to pronounce any of the words many of the exercises below will have a link to allow you to do so!
      *Your comments:
      Along with your recording please share any relevant info such as your native language, how long you’ve been learning the language that your recording is in( if it’s not your native language) and which part if any you had trouble pronouncing.
      As you can imagine listening to recordings is very time consuming so if you would like your recording critiqued please do listen to at least one other recording and leave your comments.
      Please make sure that you give encouragement as well as constructive criticism, as we all do better when our efforts are recognized even if we still have a way to go. 😉
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