Talking about how you feel in English



I don’t feel well!




Match up the phrases with the images. 

Sometimes there will be more than one possibility.


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Ejemplo:  A.   1. I’m hot  10.  I have a temperature or I have a fever.



A.     B.     C.     

D.    E.      F.     

G.     H.      I.    

J.    K.     L.    

M.     N.     

O.      P.   



1. I’m hot.

2. I don’t have an appetite. / I’m not hungry.

3. I have a cough.

4. I’m cold.

5. I’m sick.

6. I’m dizzy.

7. I have a cold.

8. I have the flu.

9. I have a stomach bug. / I have a vomiting bug.

10. I have a temperature / fever.

11. I’m very sleepy.

12. I have a broken leg.

13. I have diarrhea.

14. I have sunstroke.

15. I have a blocked nose.

16.   I have a runny nose.



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