Verbs with irregular ‘yo’ forms in the present tense

There are a number of verbs that are only irregular in the ‘yo’ form in the present tense.

Use these flashcards to practice them.


  • caber
    to fit
  • quepo
    I fit
  • caer
    to fall
  • caigo
    I fall
  • dar
    to give
  • doy
    I give
  • estar
    to be
  • estoy
    I am
  • hacer
    to do
  • hago
    I do
  • poner
    to put
  • pongo
    I put
  • saber
    to know
  • I know
  • salir
    to leave
  • salgo
    I leave
  • traer
    to bring
  • traigo
    I bring
  • valer
    to be worth
  • valgo
    I'm worth
  • ver
    to see
  • veo
    I see