Laundry Vocabulary with Pictures (English)

Laundry Vocabulary with Pictures (English)



Laundry (room)

The laundry is a room in a house where you do the washing.

The washing machine is in the laundry.



Laundry /  Washing  

(items that get get washed in a washing machine)

Can you please put the laundry into the (washing) machine.

Can you please put the washing into the (washing) machine.


Washing Machine

(a machine made to wash clothes, sheets, towels etc)

Clothesline, line

(where you hang your washing to dry)


Can you please hang the washing on the (clothes) line?


(the things you use to attach your washing to the clothesline)

 I have multicoloured plastic pegs to hang my washing out.

Washing Powder

(the powder that you put in the machine to wash your clothes)


I use a washing powder that works in cold water.



(used to get wrinkles out of clothing etc)

Don’t have the iron too hot when you iron things made of silk.

Ironing Board

(used to support whatever you are ironing)

Please put the ironing board away when you have finished.

Lightbulb (that provides light)

Can you please turn on the light so that I can do the washing?


Doing the washing.


I can’t go to the movies today because I have to do the washing.

My kids are big now so they can do their own washing.

Folding the washing.


Some people find it quite relaxing to fold the washing.

When you have folded the washing you can put it away.

(Clothes) Dryer


If it’s raining you can dry your towels in the dryer.

Laundry Detergent / Liquid Detergent

I pour the laundry detergent onto my clothes.

Bleach (used to make clothes etc white)


You can get rid of grass stains by using bleach.

Fabric Softener (used to make the washing soft)

Ah, this towel is so soft, thanks to mum using fabric softener.

(Laundry) Basket

(For temporary storage of the laundry / washing.)

When you take the washing off the line you put it in the (laundry) basket.


(Used to hold water when mopping the floor or for soaking washing etc.)

Fill the bucket up with water and add some detergent.

Dustpan and Brush

(for sweeping up dust, broken glass etc)

Oh no!  I’ve broken a glass, could you please bring the dustpan and brush?

The dustpan and brush is in the cupboard.


(used for washing floors with water or for mopping up spills)

Johnny spilt his milk on the floor, let’s mop it up.


(to sweep up dust and dirt)

This floor feels very dirty, I think I will give it a sweep with the broom.