E Hari I Te Ora Ake Ake! – Akoranga Tuaono – I Tīmata Pēhea te Ora? How Did Life Begin?

AKORANGA 06 I Tīmata Pēhea te Ora? How did life begin?   Kei [te Atua] hoki te puna o te ora. With [God] is the source of life. hoki – word giving emphasis.   eg:  Tō tere hoki! / How quick you were! Nō hea hoki tēnā whakaaro? / Where the heck did you get that idea from? (Ngā Waiata 36:9) E … Read more

Notes and flashcard practice for learning ‘a’ and ‘o’ class singular possessives in te reo Māori (my, your, his, her)

T-CLASS SINGULAR POSSESSIVES + ‘A’ AND ‘O’ CATEGORIES OF POSSESSION/RELATIONSHIP     How well do you know your ‘a’ and ‘o’ categories?  If you think you’re good to go at least with the singular t-class possessives go ahead and test your knowledge with the flashcards below.  Please note that the macron/tohutō is not supported on … Read more


Te Reo Māori – Te Ataarangi Method – L11

If you are learning Te Reo Māori using the Te Ataarangi Method and cusininaire rods, I hope that these flashcards will help you consolidate what you are learning in class. Lesson 11 – Numbering things, combining colours, taking things away, leaving them, holding on to them, keeping them and giving them. Please note that my … Read more