Possessives in Te Reo Māori – a and o categories notes and flashcards

Possessives in Te Reo Māori – a and o categories notes and flashcards ‘A’ AND ‘O’ CATEGORIES FOR POSSESSION A CATEGORY = expresses our relationship with anyone or anything we are senior to, anyone under our control, protection or authority Skills, activities, things we produce or control Food and drink  (but not drinking water) Portable … Read more


E Hari I Te Ora Ake Ake! – Akoranga Tuaono – I Tīmata Pēhea te Ora? How Did Life Begin?

AKORANGA 06 I Tīmata Pēhea te Ora? How did life begin?   Kei [te Atua] hoki te puna o te ora. With [God] is the source of life. hoki – word giving emphasis.   eg:  Tō tere hoki! / How quick you were! Nō hea hoki tēnā whakaaro? / Where the heck did you get that idea from? (Ngā Waiata 36:9) E … Read more

Notes and flashcard practice for learning ‘a’ and ‘o’ class singular possessives in te reo Māori (my, your, his, her)

T-CLASS SINGULAR POSSESSIVES + ‘A’ AND ‘O’ CATEGORIES OF POSSESSION/RELATIONSHIP     How well do you know your ‘a’ and ‘o’ categories?  If you think you’re good to go at least with the singular t-class possessives go ahead and test your knowledge with the flashcards below.  Please note that the macron/tohutō is not supported on … Read more


Peace At Last – Āio Rawa (lyrics in English and Te Reo Māori)

NB:  the flashcard app doesn’t allow for macrons so I’ve doubled the vowel where a macron would usually show where the stress should go. See grammar and vocabulary notes at the bottom of the page.   Link to English Lyrics on JW.org   ENGLISH LYRICS:   1.Like an island of calm In dark stormy seas, … Read more