Te Reo Māori Flashcards for Small Talk and Instructions in the Classroom

Do you feel awkward in a class room setting when everyone’s speaking te reo Māori or you’re not sure what the teacher is asking?  I hope that these flashcards will help you out. As the flash card program won’t recognize macrons where a vowel should be stressed I’ve doubled the vowel to help with pronunciation.  … Read more

Kei hea? Learning how to ask and say where things are in Te Reo Māori

As my flashcard plugin doesn’t recognize macrons I’ve doubled the stressed vowels to help with the correct pronunciation.  Remember to just hold the original sound with doubled vowels, putting the stress on that syllable but don’t change the sound of the vowel like you would in English.  

Giving Commands and Instructions in Te Reo Māori

Learn how to give commands and instructions in Te Reo Māori   NB  The flashcard plugin I used here doesn’t recognize macrons so I’ve doubled any vowels that should be stressed, remember this means just to stress the syllable with that vowel, hold on to the syllable that has that vowel in it, don’t change … Read more